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Sage Dots / Blue Dots | Twin Set | 900g inner pack


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Introducing our Wash and Wear Twin Set Lavender Scented Wheat Heat Pack, the essence of comfort and convenience for your relaxation needs. This innovative heat pack comes equipped with a 900g inner pack filled with lavender and wheat, accompanied by two wash and wear covers.

The beauty of this set lies in its versatility. With two different fabric designs, you'll feel as though you have two completely unique heat packs at your disposal. Not only does this provide variety, but it also ensures practicality – you can easily wash the outer pack for continuous freshness.

INGREDIENTS: Wheat and lavender

INSTRUCTIONS: Lay pack flat in centre of clean microwave with filling evenly distributed. Heat in microwave for a maximum of 1 minute (1000-wattt microwave).

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The heat pack must be removed from the cover before the cover is washed, Cold Hand Wash. Do NOT Bleach. Do NOT Dry Clean, Do NOT Tumble Dry. Wash with like colours.


FIRE AND BURN HAZARD DO NOT OVERHEAT: Always follow heating instructions. DO NOT USE UNDER BEDDING: May catch fire. DO NOT USE IF SMELLS OR LOOKS BURNT: Allow to cool first then throw away! DO NOT LEAVE PACK UNATTENDED IN MICROWAVE: In case of fire DO NOT USE DIRECTLY ON SKIN TO AVOID BURNS: Use cover or towel between pack and skin. DO NOT USE STRAIGHT FROM MICROWAVE IF TOO HOT: Allow to cool down first. DO NOT USE PACK ON ONE BODY PART FOR MORE THAN 5 MINS: Continuous heat may burn. USE WITH CAUTION: Heat packs can burn skin when used incorrectly and particularly the more delicate skins of children or older people, SUPERVISE children at all times. MICROWAVE ONLY: DO NOT USE IN GAS OR ELECTRIC OVEN. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED to add oil or fragrances to the pack – these may increase the risk of fire. IMPORTANT: Keep Instructions with pack – READ before use. NOT RECOMMENDED for people who may have reduced awareness of temperature or feeling in their skin, e.g. diabetics, people with nerve damage, or people with an Impairment that prevents them from recognising they may be burnt. Keep away from small children, the filling if released may pose a risk of choking or inhalation DO NOT ingest. DO NOT use when wet.

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Dimensions 20 × 10 × 16 cm